The public health crisis of the past year has compelled many Americans to reconsider what they look for in a good business. Ranking at the top of many people’s lists right now are businesses that invest in solid cleaning routines and invest in new cleaning technology.

What Are Customers Looking For?

Customers want to feel safe when they enter a business. They want to feel that their risk of leaving the business with COVID-19 is slim to none. Customers also pay attention to businesses that are taking the pandemic seriously and doing their part in forwarding public health goals. Maintaining a clean environment also reduces the risks of your business ending up in the news as a source of outbreaks.

How Does Cleanliness Affect Businesses?

Several studies have shown that customers not only prefer clean businesses, but they are willing to pay more for high-tech disinfecting solutions. Consider the following stats from one research group in Texas:

•         Customers preferred restaurants with surface and air disinfecting over restaurants that did not have these features.

•         If air disinfection systems were installed, almost 70% of people who take public transportation would be willing to pay more money.

•         More than half of the respondents in the survey believed the prioritization of disinfection solutions would continue beyond the pandemic.

What Can Companies Do To Put Customers At Ease?

These and other findings show that it’s not enough to be clean and look clean. Companies should also focus on advertising that cleaning. For example, many customers now respond favorably to seeing the cleaning process occur in real-time, such as the immediate cleaning of a vacated chair. In some industries, this might reduce the burden companies once faced to clean during non-business hours. 

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