In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a revolution hit the world of American commerce. A simple idea emerged that many of us engage with every day without thinking about it.

This development was window shopping. For the first time in history, American businesses began putting many of their wares in the front window to draw in customers. Some argue that the practice began a few centuries earlier in Europe, but it didn’t hit the United States for a while.

Window shopping only works if the window is clean. This is just one of several reasons why commercial window cleaning services are important. We’ll talk about these services and how they get windows clean in this article.

Start From the Top

When cleaning windows, it’s practical to start at the top. Like most liquids, cleaning solution tends to run downwards. Cleaning from top to bottom ensures that none of your previous work is disrupted.

There’s also the issue of streaks to consider. dripping can not only ruin previous work, but it can leave streaks as well, which will make your window seem dirty even after you’ve cleaned it.

Make Sure Windows Are Dry First

Washing windows on a rainy day is about as pointless as it sounds, but for somewhat surprising reasons. We’ve mentioned that cleaning solutions tend to run, and this is also true for water.

Your windows will likely still be clean, but they won’t look clean, because dripping liquids will leave streaks. Unfortunately, since customers have no way of knowing how much cleaning or washing a business has done behind the scenes, image is everything.

Our advice is to keep things as clean as you can and advertise it. The recent pandemic has made cleanliness a bigger priority for many people.

Invest in a Squeegee

Most professional cleaners will tell you that the best tool for cleaning windows is a squeegee. Unlike other cleaning tools, squeegees push water rather than absorb it. This allows water and cleaner to be gathered in one place, making it easier to soak up when you’re done.

Squeegees aren’t a new concept. They began their existence centuries ago among the world of boating. A primitive, squeegee-like device was used to clean fish remains off of fishing boats.

Within the last century or so, squeegees found their true calling. Commercial window washers began adapting the technology for their own trade and the rest is history.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Washing windows is a simple concept, but making them look clean is far more complicated. We’ve discussed a few tips for cleaning your windows in this article, but there’s only so much the average person can do.

For larger or more complex jobs, we suggest hiring  a commercial window cleaning surface. If you want to know more about how to clean a business, or are in need of cleaning services please visit our site. We can tell you about the different types of cleaning services and which one is right for your business.

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