Business owners have a responsibility to keep their employees comfortable in their offices. This includes providing clean, well-maintained facilities for them to work in. 

A clean work environment encourages productivity and shows employees that management appreciates their work. 

Hiring a third-party cleaning company ensures a healthy and safe work environment without requiring storage space for cleaning equipment. 

Read on to learn about the different types of cleaning services available for businesses today. 

1. Janitorial Cleaning Services 

Although often used interchangeably, janitorial cleaning services are different from commercial cleaning services, which we discuss below. 

Janitorial cleaning services include everyday cleaning. A janitorial company takes care of small office cleaning tasks that must be performed daily, keeping offices clean and functional. 

Different companies schedule janitorial services depending on the size of their facilities and the number of employees. This is typically on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. 

Janitorial cleaning tasks include the following:

  • cleaning restrooms

  • restocking paper towels to dry hands, toilet paper, and hand soap in restrooms

  • cleaning employee kitchens or breakrooms

  • vacuuming carpets

  • sweeping and mopping hard surface floors

  • dusting

  • emptying trash

  • wiping down desks, chairs, and tables

Janitorial staff often also assist with general building maintenance. They will change light bulbs and fix broken doors. 

2. Commercial Cleaning Services 

Commercial cleaning services include larger, less frequent cleaning jobs. Most commercial cleaning companies focus on deep cleaning, which goes further than the standard, daily cleaning a janitorial cleaning company provides. 

Most companies hire a professional cleaning company for once-off cleaning or schedule a few appointments per year. 

Commercial cleaning tasks include the following:

  • deep cleaning carpets

  • cleaning tiles

  • cleaning grout

  • cleaning and polishing hard surface floors

  • furniture and upholstery cleaning

  • power or pressure washing

It’s important for businesses to schedule commercial cleaning services several times a year. Just like spring-cleaning your home, regular deep cleaning your workplace keeps it fresh, clean, and looked after. 

3. Sanitization Services 

In recent years, businesses across the world have realized how important proper sanitization is. Sanitization services involve complete disinfection and sanitization to remove harmful bacteria and viral germs from surfaces. 

Proper sanitization prevents the spread of illnesses and helps employees stay healthy and safe. 

4. Ceiling and Wall Cleaning 

Although some commercial cleaning companies include ceiling and wall cleaning as part of their services, many don’t. Cleaning ceilings and walls is an important part of maintaining a building’s integrity and keeping it in good condition. 

Dust, grime, dirt, and oil all collect on walls and ceilings throughout the year. Specialty ceiling and wall cleaners tackle this dirt once or twice a year to prevent buildup. 

5. Disaster Cleaning

After a disaster such as a fire, businesses can hire specialty disaster cleaning services. These cleaning professionals have specialized knowledge in smoke, water, and fire damage. 

Disaster cleaning restores offices to their former glory, allowing a business to get back on its feet soon after a disaster. 

Which of the Different Types of Cleaning Services Is Best for Your Business?

Most businesses make use of several different types of cleaning services to stay clean, organized, and presentable.

Here at Anchor World Services, we offer commercial cleaning services in Chicago to help your company stay in tip-top shape. 

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