It’s that time of year again when people bring out sweaters, hot chocolate, and listen to their favorite holiday songs. However, it is also time for snow and ice. For commercial businesses, that means floors covered in ice melt residue.

Not only is the cloudy residue dragged across the tile unattractive, but it can also do more harm than you might think. Here is why you should invest in janitorial services for cleaning commercial tile floors.

What Ice Melt Can Do to a Floor

Ice melt works wonders on dissolving the ice outside, which makes it safer for your customers to walk on your walkways and sidewalks. It is only meant for outdoor use. Unfortunately, people drag in the residue on their shoes and across your tile floors.

Regardless of the brand, most ice melts contain sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, or calcium chloride. In other words—salts.

Salt can damage concrete, causing it to crack and deteriorate. It is going to ruin your tile floors as well.

The Benefits of Cleaning Commercial Tile Floors

One of the most obvious downsides of using ice melt is that it tracks a white residue across your floors. It is unattractive and makes your commercial space look dirty.

Yes, most people understand it is that time of year, but neglecting to keep those floors clean from time to time can negatively affect how customers, clients, and employees see you. It even impacts productivity and staff morale.

And while ice melt makes for safer surfaces outside, it can have the opposite effect indoors. The residue makes hard floors slippery, and customers might fall. That ugly white dust creating accidents and legal issues is the last problem that any company wants to face.

Ice melt can also damage the look of your floor by eating away at the finish. And do not forget about the grout! Walking across the tile can ground the residue tracked inside into the grout, weakening the bond.

What is the Solution?

Using track mats helps trap some residue near the doors, but it is not enough. Even small traces of ice melt residue can damage a floor.

The best solution is to invest in regular janitorial services, which include sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. Deep cleaning tile floors in the winter keeps them looking their best.

There are also additional benefits to investing in a commercial cleaning company rather than doing it yourself. When it comes to ice melt residue, the cleaning methods matter. Professionals know how to keep your floors pristine without damaging the tile.

Ice melt contains salt, which may negatively react with floor cleaners. The solution is to use a special neutralizer that removes the residue without damaging the tile.

Keep the Workplace Clean

As winter approaches, ice melt residue inevitably gets tracked across the floor. However, investing in professional help makes cleaning commercial tile floors easier for you. It also protects the finish and helps prevents dangerous slips and falls.

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