COVID-19 changed the way businesses view professional cleaning services. Hiring a commercial cleaning service is no longer optional, but essential. To prevent the spread of infection, companies have increased their standards of cleaning in several different ways.

Expanding the Cleaning Budget

Before COVID-19, businesses looked at cleaning services as an expense that they may or may not need. Some companies forewent our services because they didn’t consider them necessary. On the other hand, some companies only used cleaning services once a week.

Now, more companies have expanded their budget and do not consider cleaning an unnecessary expense. Some businesses changed their cleaning routine from weekly to twice a week, and others have invested in deeper cleaning to decrease the risk of COVID-19.

Investing in New Cleaning Services

A cleaning service’s credentials matter now more than ever. At Anchor, our staff has extensive training in the use of medical-grade cleaning products and personal protective equipment. Companies are more likely to request a deep cleaning. They require disinfecting of high-touch-point areas such as:

  • Breakrooms

  • Restrooms

  • Elevator buttons

  • Keyboards

  • Desk phones

Cleaning services are not only an investment towards your business’s appearance but an investment in your staff’s health and wellness.

Training Employees to New Standards

In addition to new cleaning services, the new standard requires your employees to understand the importance of sanitization. Some cleaners may not sanitize, and your employees should know which cleaners are disinfectants and which would do little to protect against COVID-19. Employees should be trained to clean up after themselves and properly disinfect their areas.

Anchor World Services lives up to the reputation that we have built over the last 100 years. Despite the challenges COVID-19 presented, our staff has been trained to extensively disinfect your business.

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