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Managing any commercial or institutional facility brings a constant string of challenges to solve and decisions to make. At Anchor World Services, we understand keeping your building sparkling and sanitary is just one of many demands on your time. We want to relieve that burden by providing services that exceed your most exacting expectations. If you’re wondering whether outsourcing cleaning operations is right for your facility, we’d like to share a few insights.

Review Desired Outcomes

Before deciding how to keep your building clean, contemplate why it’s such an important part of your management. The appearance and cleanliness of your building affect a number of other areas:

  • Tenant and user satisfaction

  • Employee retention

  • Liability issues

  • Expenses

  • Use of your time

In short, you need high-quality cleaning services in a cost-effective, easily administered process.

Consider Inconveniences and Managerial Tasks

Hiring and managing your own employees to clean the building is not a simple procedure. You need honest, reliable, and competent workers since they access sensitive areas. This involves recruiting, screening, and background checks. It also means training employees and developing backup plans for absences.

Providing cleaning services in-house involves buying and maintaining commercial equipment, researching cleaning chemicals, and performing quality checks. If equipment breaks down or a cleaning product becomes unavailable, you are responsible for repairs and new purchases.

Evaluate Cost Savings

Perhaps the most crucial issue is the overall price tag of keeping your facility clean. The math for in-house operations involves labor expenses, equipment purchases or repairs, and cleaning supplies. These are just the most obvious. Your expensive vacuums and floor polishers often sit in closets and become outdated while cleaning companies use up-to-date models. Small quantities of chemicals cost more than case lots purchased by cleaning services. Finally, don’t forget the cost of the time you personally spend training, supervising, and perhaps filling in for absent employees.

If you’re ready to hand over the cleaning reins to our trusted Chicago area company, contact us today to arrange a free estimate.

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