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Hiring just any cleaning service can put your business and your employees at unnecessary risk. Instead of leaving it to chance, let your business benefit from hiring a professional cleaning company sooner rather than later. If you need some convincing, take a look at the top five reasons below.

Boost First Impressions 

First impressions matter. Whether you have a sizeable waiting lobby or just a series of offices, a professional cleaning service understands that entryways must be impeccably maintained to impress and welcome visitors. 

Better Pricing Options 

Since we are an established company, we can also save you money. You benefit from the wholesale pricing that we can receive on our equipment and materials. Regularly maintaining your office will also save you from costly repairs and cleanups down the road. Anchor World Services provides far more than just basic cleaning services to meet your needs. 

Theft Protection Assurance 

We offer worry-free cleaning services. Not only are our professional cleaners expertly trained and skilled in their cleaning practices, but they have all undergone background checks to ensure that we can provide you with the highest level of professionalism in your offices. 

Safer Work Environment 

Keeping your office clean isn’t just about appearances. Your employees will be happier and have fewer absences when allergens and germs decrease because of professional cleaning services. We can appropriately remove the germs responsible for infectious illness and reduce irritants and allergens in the office, such as dust and dander. 

More Professional Services

As a professional cleaning company serving the Chicagoland area for more than a century, we have had the great opportunity to learn about all kinds of services and amass all types of equipment to best meet your business’s needs. We offer professional cleaning services for commercial, industrial, healthcare facilities, and more.  

Contact Anchor World Services to schedule an appointment for a free estimate or learn more about designing a perfect cleaning plan for your business or facility. 

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