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How To Maintain a Clean Office

When you think of office germs, your mind likely jumps to the shared bathroom facilities. However, widely publicized research revealed that employee break rooms undoubtedly take the top honors as one of the dirtiest spots in the workplace.

With many people returning to work with cleanliness as a top priority, it is important that you do everything you can to maintain a germ-free environment. In order to do so, you must first discover where the germs are hiding.

Break Room Vigilance

Surprisingly, the report did not tag tables and counters in employee break areas as problematic. Perhaps employees often clean these surfaces themselves, especially if the tables show signs of crumbs or stickiness. The places registering high ATP levels where you need to use caution include the following appliance handles, which multiple users touch every day:

  • Tap or faucet handles in the kitchenette sink

  • Microwave handles

  • Refrigerator handles

  • Coffee pot or hot pot handles

  • Vending machine handles and buttons

Be sure to clean the handles with a disinfectant wipe before touching them. Alternatively, you could use a paper towel or napkin for protection.

Desk and Cubicle Concerns

Other items that registered high on the ATP scale are located on desks where most office workers spend the majority of their workday. Depending on job duties, these three germ-breeding items are used regularly in the average cubicle:

  • Keyboards

  • Computer mice

  • Desk phones

Office Cleanliness Considerations 

Over the last year, many people have begun to carry hand sanitizer with them or have disinfectant wipes accessible and will likely keep them at their desks. If you manage an office or commercial building, you may want to provide similar items for public areas to encourage good habits. Another important initiative is to make sure your cleaning service embraces the sanitation of problem items and equipment in break locations, desk areas, and other stations. Regular cleaning of handles and equipment goes a long way toward curbing bacteria and germs.

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