Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The water, salt, and snow of Chicago’s winter season can do serious damage to your carpets. Not only does repairing or replacing carpet cost money, but you also have to worry about the impact the damage will have on your customer’s first impression of your company. Here are three tips that can preserve your carpets from the wear and tear of the winter season.

  1. Work From the Outside In

Address the problem from the outside. Have a plan for removing ice and snow from the walkways and parking lots, as this is a safety concern. Put outdoor mats and carpeting near each entryway or door to help trap the dirt or moisture that shoes could be tracking across your office. You can make these mats or carpets serve dual purposes by customizing them with the company’s brand.

2.      Put Temporary Mats in Place

You will need to periodically clean outdoor carpeting in order for it to continue to be effective. It t may be easier and more cost-efficient to invest in temporary mats. You can put them out as needed when the weather changes or leave them out throughout the winter months. Temporary mats are durable and easily cleaned, as long as you select a washable option. When buying these mats, make sure they enter the building a few feet beyond the door for total protection.

3.      Conduct Spot Cleaning

Even with your efforts, the carpet will attract some dirt and moisture. Spot treating these areas regularly can keep them from being permanently damaged. Vacuum up the dirt, and if need be, use a shop-vac to take care of the excess moisture. Use a stain lifting solution to keep the debris from causing discoloration.

Professionally Restore Cleanliness

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