When it comes to commercial cleaning, your staff, patient, or client health is one of the top priorities. Using a commercial cleaning company guarantees the quality of cleanliness. Additionally, if you worry about the environment and the safety of your staff, green cleaners exist to keep abrasive chemicals out of the picture.


Most cleaning products have an expiration date. Chemical cleaners can expire in about two years and become a hazard in areas with high levels of heat. In contrast, green cleaners tend to outlast standard cleaners because the ingredients are more natural. You can also safely store them in your building without worrying about the heat or flames.

Safe for the Environment

When it comes to sustainable cleaners, most people choose a green option because it is safer. If you do not want a cleanser that requires professionals to use protective gear, you want to think about investing in green cleaners. Not only are they biodegradable, but they are also EPA safe. Keep in mind that some people can develop allergies to any cleaner so you may want to have professionals handling any cleaner, regardless of how safe it is.

Worth It

Finally, eco-friendly cleaner typically does not have complicated ingredients, which is why it can be more cost-effective. Some natural products can clean as well as some of the most widespread chemical cleaners. For example, white vinegar and citrus juice can wear away tough stains as effectively as other cleaners. Always have alternative cleaning solutions available to use depending on your clients’ needs or wants. This will also lower the risk of chemical inhalation for employees and guests.

The health and wellness of your staff, guests, and any visitors on your commercial property should be a priority. A green cleaner not only cleans as well as harsher chemicals but is safe for the environment too. At Anchor World Services, we have dedicated ourselves to commercial cleaning for over 100 years. When you need an undeniably clean workspace, contact us today for more information!

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