The majority of people do not think too hard about cleaning. To most, the cleaning process includes a couple of quick swipes with a disinfectant wipe or vacuuming the floor for a few minutes.

When cleaning efficiently and the right way, every spot in a building needs to be touched up, including the areas you never think of. If you are curious which areas frequently go overlooked, there are a few spots that professional cleaners at Anchor World Services never miss.


One of the most neglected cleaning spots is furniture. The area around the furniture tends to be the only part that gets vacuumed. All furnishings need to be wiped down and removed of debris that may have gotten caught between cushions.


If your building has blinds around the windows, chances are they have never been cleaned or dusted. Most people get caught up on the windows when they clean and forget the blinds. If they go overlooked for too long, dust builds up that can agitate the allergies and sinuses of those in the building. Blinds need cleaning once every month to reduce the amount of dust in the air.

Every Corner and Crevice

Almost everyone remembers to vacuum, but not everyone remembers to sweep every nook and cranny. It may be hard to vacuum in a building due to furniture, chords, or heavy machinery. And, the edges and corners of floors often go overlooked.

When vacuuming, pull out furniture, unplug chords, and sweep every nook with a vacuum hose or other accessory made for tight spaces. These accessories effectively pick up dirt and debris that the vacuum missed.

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