Dusting Office

It is likely you have employees who experience allergies throughout the year, making it difficult for them to feel their best every day. At Anchor World Services, we know that there are concrete steps you can take to remove allergens from the office.

Consider Where Allergens Collect

Dust, dust mites, and pollen can become trapped in your office, which can build up on blinds or curtains. Couches and chairs may also attract dust mites. Pollen may cling to your employees’ clothing and get transferred to indoor surfaces. While you may ensure that your office receives regular vacuuming, you may not pay enough attention to other surfaces.

It is important to clean your window treatments regularly. You could switch to curtains made from a fabric that can go in the washing machine. Additionally, you could replace panel blinds with other options that do not collect as much dust. You could also make sure that chairs and couches receive regular cleaning.

Get Rid of Clutter

Your employees may often keep stacks of paper on their desks and common areas may have boxes against the walls. Clutter can collect dust. If you do not take steps to remove these items, you hinder your efforts to remove allergens in a room. Eliminating clutter from the office helps ensure you can thoroughly clean every surface.

Invest in Maintenance

At Anchor World Services, we know that your employees may experience allergies even after upgrading your cleaning routine. Some allergens may not be immediately evident. If there is any water damage in your building, for example, mold may begin to grow. Your air filters may also retain allergens. Performing regular maintenance can help ensure that you remove all allergens from the building.

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